Merchant Banking/Private Equity

Our investment banking operation is an outgrowth of our merchant banking business. Although our management team has more than 25 years of combined experience in buying, managing and selling a broad range of companies, for the past 15 years we have been primarily focused on acquiring middle market companies. Most of our investments and acquisitions have been related to intellectual property driven businesses, such as franchising, software and business services.

In most transactions, we acquire majority positions, but we are also very interested in either 50/50 partnerships or minority investment positions with effective operating partners. We are long-term investors that limit ourselves to opportunities where we can leverage our resources and expertise to add significant value to the business and any partners involved with the business.

If you own an intellectual property driven business and are seeking $1 to $10 million in capital through either an outright sale or through a partial sale of ownership, please contact John Davies, our CEO, at 216-674-0645 x12.  John will be glad to have a confidential discussion with you, provide you with a quick initial assessment and mutually determine if a good fit may exist between your needs and our investment strategy. If there is an apparent fit, we can move forward as quickly as you would like. If there is not a good fit, we will be delighted to explore the possibility of representing you and your firm in your efforts to raise capital from third-parties.